The Number Don’t Always Add Up

Greetings everyone!! Sorry for the delay between posts.  I have just returned to work after a 2 year break, so let’s just say I am adjusting….  Either way I am looking forward to getting back it; sharing my thoughts, views, but most importantly hearing you!!  So let’s get started!!

Currently I am on a very structure workout plan; monitoring my eating and cutting out sweets, which is my weakness (*sigh).  I also have two wonderful ladies who workout with me.  One is a trainer and the other is a fitness model.  They are a great support and it helps to keep me motivated plus it makes the training sessions go much faster (thank God!!).  Many of you may not  know, but in 2000 I was approaching the 400 pound mark.  I was very unhappy, had difficulty moving around plus finding clothes that actually fit me was a challenge (Toronto, Canada).  Needless to say I felt completely unattractive.  It is now almost 13 years later and I am no nothing pushing 400 pounds, however I still struggle with my weight, and have yet to reach my desired goal weight.  Keeping all of this in mind does my weight determine my value or the depth of my beauty??

The topic of weight is a very touchy subject for many people.  I for one was and am still a bit sensitive around the issue.  The words used to describe someone of a larger size can be down right appalling; as if being a heavy or above average weight makes you not human.  My first encounter with this mindset unfortunately came from within my own home growing up.  I heard words like “pig” and “cow”; not a real confidence booster!!  I was made to feel like I was an embarrassment because of my weight.  Like the family’s image was tarnished somehow due to me being a larger size.  My beauty was based on my size, therefore being big or “fat” clearly meant I was not beautiful.

This had a huge impact on how I saw the world and the people around me.  Not to mention the images I saw on television, in magazines and through woman’s fashion?! They validated the motion being big was not attractive or desirable.  However I am happy to say that over time and just experiencing life I see things much differently.  Although I am working towards fitness goals and actively choose to live a healthy lifestyle my size or a number on a scale determines my beauty.  Beauty is so much more than that!  The character and personality make-up determines the real beauty of a person.  The external packaging is just an added bonus.

To be pleasing to the eye is good, but to even be satisfying to the soul is better.  I challenge you to look at the idea of weight and size from a different perspective because the numbers won’t always add up!!

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~


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