Who Really Decides!!

Greetings One and All!! I realize it has been a number of months since my last post.  Between my computer crashing and taking it in for repairs twice plus breaking my finger on my writing hand I haven’t written much as of late.  The good news is although my finger is still healing something recently happened and it got me thinking.  Now this topic reaches a bit beyond the realm of fashion, but it does however strongly look at the idea beauty and peoples personal define of it.  And frankly as a woman I know I am not the only one who has thought this, so I am just going to put myself out there!!

There is a saying that says “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  I suppose it is true to some degree.  I have often heard this phrase used in a positive ways; to encourage and increase self-esteem or to introduce new points of view.  Yet as positive as it may seem I am now seeing it through different eyes.

Growing up I assumed everyone was special and unique in their own way.  I was always interested in getting to know the heart of a person rather than just to size them up by what they looked like!  However I learned very quickly through society, the media and sadly through certain relationships that this is not how the world works.  It was made very clear to me at a young age that appearances are of far greater importance than character, integrity or the condition of one’s heart. The notion “beauty is to be found in every person you meet” is considered outlandish or down right laughable!

So the question is “Who decides?”  Because if beauty is truly in the eye of the “beholder” then that leaves everyone subject and at the complete mercy of every person with opinion.  Case in point:  You have two women.  Woman #1 is a fitness model type; aesthetically pleasing by industry standards (fitness/product promotion).  Woman #2 is in shape a well, however not to the same degree as woman #1, but nevertheless stunning.  Woman #1 does photo shoots and travels due to her physique.  Woman #2 does not.  Is one more beautiful than the other?  The fact that one is a fitness model and is considered beautiful/attractive by a specific group of people does that nullify the beauty of the other woman because she is not in the same category?  The answer is NO!!  And if by chance a man came along and looked at both women, and decided he was interested in woman #1 that would be his choice.  A woman’s beauty needs no affirmation from a man or any other outside source.  The sad thing is some men cannot see true beauty, so just because they can’t see does not mean it is not there!!

The truth is REAL beauty goes beyond aesthetics.  I am tired a woman’s beauty being reduced to the size of her “rack”, the circumference her backside or any other physical attribute someone chooses to highlight!!  Real beauty exudes from within….And if you don’t got it there is no physical enhancement that can compensate for that!!  In all honesty I would rather be woman #2 any day of the week.  Physical enhancements I can get, weight I can loose, but true beauty….that stuff just ain’t lying around at the local corner store!!!

Know and value your own beauty…if you don’t no one else will!!

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~


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