The Search Is On!!

As women we are all on a quest.  Some may deny this truth, but those of us who are discerning know better.  Women deeply desire someone to discover and appreciate their inner beauty; it is a validation we desperately seek (if the truth were to be told).  However the reality is you must identify and admire your own beauty for yourself.  Now ideally this should occur during the formative years leading up to pre-adolescence.  Ergo, so by the time a young girl reaches her teenage years she had a strong foundation able to withstand the assault the media, music and fashion industry wreaks on young female mind.  Unfortunately this does not always occur.

I for one entered my teenage years with no real foundation whatsoever and I paid the price.  I was fed every possible negative thought in my early years.  It shaped who I thought I was and how I saw the world around me.  For many years I thought I had no real beauty.  Being obese for most of my life I never fit what television or the fashion/music industry labelled at beautiful or attractive.  What I saw in the world simply reinforced the ideas I already had regarding beauty and how I didn’t make the cut!  But I am so grateful my journey did not end there.  In fact it was only the beginning!

I went on a digging expedition in search of the “REAL” me!  I fought passed the lies (the one I had been fed ALL my life) and looked beyond the excess weight and searched for my inner beauty (in it’s purest form).  I was on the hunt for all the priceless things God had placed down inside of me and seeing myself in the right light was the key to finding such treasures.  And I must say things are going pretty well in that department!  I have successfully shed a few layers, but it has always been about more that just the weight.  I want to love and appreciate myself just the way I am, and the good new is I FINALLY do!!  I found the confidence to walk in boldness simply by just being me….And it feels GREAT!!

My desire for you is not only that you find your inner beauty, but to also love and appreciate it.  Now this often takes times, yet we all know it is well worth it in the end.  Today I urge you on in your quest!  Don’t let any external medium (a person or the media) rate you or mask your beauty with their labels and never ending critics!  And even if your foundation is rocky it does not have to stay that way.  Take the time, roll up your sleeves, dig down deep!  There is a reason why you were created and are uniquely designed.  You owe it to yourself……

You have beauty, you have worth…You are treasure!!!

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~





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