I See You

Women are such complex creatures.  Over the course of my life I seen women go through so many changes.  We have babies, run a household and yet still manage to find time to achieve educational goals and hold down a career.  Not only that we are also involved in your local communities in various capacities, trained in the arts and so on and so on.  The 21st century woman is much more than just a house wife, but she is a force to be reckoned with.  She is not only beautiful, but strong, capable, intelligent, bold, tenacious, outspoken, wise and fearless.

When I was young I was taught a woman or more importantly  a “lady” was suppose to be quiet, dainty, sweet, reserved and above all else she was not suppose to have an opinion and if she did it was be to kept to herself.  As I’m sure you can tell by now I NEVER fit into that mold.  Although I am sweet and at times am quiet and dainty (well maybe) the reserved part didn’t seem to workout very well.  With women being in every type of occupation out there, completing the highest levels of education and breaking the many stereotypes associated with being a woman I wonder if things have really changed.  Do people, men in particular, take the time to see what lies beyond the position, degrees and success, past the soulful eyes and pretty smile?

As a woman I’ve always felt my strength and level of capability has been a hinderance when it comes to relationships and navigating my way through life.  Sure I can probably manage almost any situation that comes my way and still keep a smile on my face, but does it mean I am not affected by it?!  As if  all I am and can do somehow eliminates the fact I have feelings or a sensitive and compassionate heart.  Some have even told I am TOO strong.  As if they knew or had full understanding of what I have endured prior to them meeting me.  I have often felt force to hide or hold back who I really am for the sake of being accepted or well received.  Sad I know; somehow the whole idea seems backwards to me.

In addition to being too strong I have also been told I am intimidating in which therefore will have a difficult time finding a man willing to be in a relationship with me.  It is amazes me the things people have the freedom to say, especially to a person they really do not know very well.  Anyway as I write this a film I once saw comes to mind.  Now I know life is not like a movie, however this one in particular struck a cord with me.  The movie Avatar is set in an alter human reality, however it does have a few scenes I feel can be applied to our everyday lives.  There is a line “I see you.”  It is used numerous times throughout the film as a greeting.  Like how you would say “hello”, “hi’’ or “what’s up”, but it holds so much more meaning.  The greeting “I see you” means “I see into, I understand you.”  It would unrealistic to expect this from every person you encounter, nevertheless it would be nice and rather refreshing if it did happen a small fraction time.  But although it doesn’t happen that often it will not deter me from being who I am, flaws and all!!

Those moments will come where they will “see you”, REALLY see you.  Cherish those moment because it has been my experience they do not happen very often, but when they do they are truly special.

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~

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