Breaking The Cycle

I believe everyone is born with a purpose. Gifted with talents and abilities which uniquely fit that purpose.  With your life being a gift each moment should be spent taking the necessary steps towards achieving your purpose.  To reach your highest potential.  Now life has a way of taking you down rabbit trails and throwing you off course; sometimes by circumstances beyond your control, but often times by the choices we make.  Therefore we cannot complain if we do not achieve our purpose and reach our full potential.  It is essential throughout your life’s journey that you identify and breaking ALL patterns of behaviour which hinder or block you from being all you were destined to be.  That being said I have come across some of my own.  Some I am sure many of you can relate to.

First let me start off by saying some of these patterns of behaviour can be difficult to clearly identify.  Nevertheless after repeating the same cycle a number of times the hope is you will begin to ask yourself very straight forward and candid questions.  I found my pattern rather difficult to uncover, but thanks to a conversation with someone who I highly respect I was able to see things in a new light. Cloaking itself in seemingly good/kind things, but yet when unmasked and visible in plain sight it is destructive and has been sabotaging my progress.

Knowing when to offer help or assistance has always been a weakness of mine.  Having a career in Social Services will do that to you. The whole purpose for your job is to help people.  Whether it’s through accompanying them to a meeting, advocating on their behalf, mediating a family discussion or providing one on one counseling sessions.  You are there to serve and meet the current need.  The only problem is I tend to get caught up with helping others to the point where I neglect areas of my own life that need my attention. Personal projects never maintain their course; ones which will directly impact my future and the fulfillment of my dreams, ergo allowing me to reach my full potential.

My eagerness to see other individuals succeed at times hinders my own progress.  Mind you there is gratification I get when I help someone. It gives me so much joy.  And I am not saying I am going to stop being kind or helpful withholding aid when there is a need. I will forever remember what it was like growing with practically no support from my parents.  Being on my own at the age of fifteen is not something I would never wish on anyone.  However after spending so many years of my life helping and assisting others to overcome their obstacles, breakthrough barriers, achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams it is time for me to give myself the same opportunity.

Now this is where I fight feelings of guilt and frustration.  Guilt because I feel as though I am being selfish when I don’t readily offer to help in some way, but frustration when I do.  For I allow myself to become utterly consumed with the individual’s or group’s current cause.  Loosing myself entirely hence everything concerning my life ends up falling by the way side.  However the truth is I can not complain about I what I allow to continue.  There is only one person in control of my boundaries that person is me!  I am the only who the power to break the cycle.

This has really been a ground breaking revelation for me.  It may not be new to you, but it has been a liberating concept which I have now incorporated into my life.  I am NOT saying I am “Just Gonna Do Me”; a phrase I hear often to condone selfishness, insensitivity and heartlessness towards the needs of others.  I strongly believe generosity, kindness and sacrifice is necessary to truly show compassion and positively impact the lives of others.  Nonetheless it is my personal belief to effectively help and serve others you must not be a hinderance or stumbling block to yourself.

Just something to think about……

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