The Blame Game

When I first began this blog I focused a lot on body image, weight, self-esteem relating to a woman’s appearance and the many other labels society places on women.  However since my first post things have evolved.  I myself have embraced my own process of transformation.  A journey that is far more life changing and meaningful than how much I weight or what size clothes I wear. Nevertheless since embarking upon this journey I have also taken some time to do some self-reflection.  In my previous blog “Breaking The Cycle” I talked about patterns of behaviour and how they can impact our progress and hinder our success.  Having a victim mentality is yet another way your life can be brought to a complete stand still.  I like to call it “The Blame Game.”

Having a victim mentality is a depilating mindset.  It’s crippling effects will render someone helpless, and the sad part is their helplessness is only an illusion.  It comes from how they perceive their current circumstances; the who, what, where and how it came about.  This train of thought will lead you around in circles achieving very little.  Windows of opportunities are lost, failure becomes a reoccurring theme and all you are left with is pain and regret at which point blame is distributed.  Needless to say the blame never seems to rest on the individual going through the circumstance or situation.  The buck is passed; it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

The blame game can consume days, weeks, even years of a person’s life.  Complaining and mediating on what transpired, what should have happened or not happen and what someone else should have done; shoulda, woulda, coulda!!!  The truth is there only one person responsible for your life and that is YOU!!  Having a victim mentally causes you sit and wait for someone to do for you what you can actuality do yourself.  It all come to choice.  The life YOU choose to live.  Whatever journey you are on or process you are walking through you decide how much of it you will impact my life; whether in a positive or negative way.  I have learned first hand that the “blame game” never turns out well.  In fact you will 99.9% loose in the end.

In Social Work there is a term often used, “Taking Ownership.”  Take ownership for your life and the choices that are within your power to make.  They may directly impact the next 20 years of your life!!!

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