In The Fullness Of Time

Over the course of just living life you learn a lot of things. Life can be an amazing teacher, but unfortunately we have to be willing students. Lately I’ve been working through a phase of regret and discontentment. If I was really honest at times I even was wallowing in self-pity. Luckily for me it was short lived because we all know where self-pity leads…..Absolutely NO WHERE!! The other benefit I have been blessed with is having great people in my life who lead by example. They don’t speak defeat or have a pessimistic type of attitude. They believe in hard work and allowing life, and it’s many situations, to be worked out over the course of time.

Recently I have been frustrated with where my life is at and the lack of over all progress I have been making. Things are not changing at the pace I would like, but rather everything seems to be at a stand-still. It almost feels like everyone else’s life is moving forward and I stuck in the same stage of development. I am hard working, diligent, resourceful, kind, committed, compassionate and yet my life doesn’t feel like it is producing the results that it should. Sometimes when I am alone I wonder what I am doing wrong as I take an inventory of my life. But the truth is in the mist of the process I am really waiting on the fullness of time.

There is more to life than just randomly making decisions or obtaining the necessary skills to achieve a goal or fulfill a dream. The facilities of higher education neglect to teach you about the times and seasons of life. Some opportunities are only opportunities if they come at the right time. Otherwise they are just land mines causing hurt and pain while leaving a string a casualties behind. I have no desire for that to be my life. Once you realize the time given is for preparation, growth and maturity you are less likely to want to rush ahead; allowing time to run it’s course.

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever do is to constantly compare yourself to other people. Who they are, what they are gifted to do and where they are going in life is entirely different from who you are, your gifts and your path in life. I am so thankful for the timeline I am on and for the process I am in that is uniquely tailored to me. I believe with all my heart I am about to walk into THE most important moment of my life; where purpose, preparation and timing will meet each other. It has taken a lot for me to get to this place. Frankly there were many times when I thought I would never make it. My faith has kept me all this time. The fullness of time has finally come and things are about to move.

Don’t look to move ahead too quickly. Let nature take it’s course and in time you will learn to appreciate process. And when you finally get to where you are suppose to be you will see that waiting for the right time is the best way to be on time for purpose and the fulfillment of your destiny.

Refining Beauty
~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~

Twitter: @littleroseca


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