Necessary Loss

As I have been continuing down this journey of self-discovery and self-development it is very clear that as I change and evolve things around me have to change also. Behaviours, mindsets, priorities all have begun to shift to support the changes occurring in my life. One in particular is in the area of relationships. It is evident not everyone in my life is fit to take the trip or are required to do so. I have to admit it is a hard realization to come to, but nevertheless a rather necessary one nonetheless.

Loss of any kind is difficult to deal with. We often think of loss with respect to death; when someone we know and that is close to us passes away. However there is a kind of loss which has very little to do with the idea of physical death. There are some relationships that are long-term, seasonal or quite frankly were never intended to be established. While going through the process of self-development/self-discovery it is quite necessary for you to discern between the three. And here is where the loss comes in.

A relationship that has run it’s course or does not enhance your life in any way is hard enough to accept, however it is another thing entirely to take the necessary steps to bring the relationship to a close. This is an act of bravery; only the truly strong are able to do it. The reality it is impossible to think you can ever achieve success and accomplish things you’ve never done before with a network of relationships that sabotage progress, cause unnecessary pain and/or stress, or are not on a similar journey of change themselves. In the end conflict will arise and a decision will have to be made. The question is what are you more committed to? The perpetuation of a cycle of negativity or to your journey of transformation leading to purpose and fulfillment.

This is an area of loss I have become comfortable with. At first it was extremely hurtful because I failed to realize the purpose behind it. Not everyone in your life is meant to stay, especially not for as long as we often think. The sad truth is some are not suppose to be in it all…….

As the year comes to a close I strongly encourage you to re-evaluated your circle of friends and relationship network. There may be unforeseen hinderances that will surface due to the relationships you choose to surround yourself with. Although the loss of that relationship may seem too hard to bare it might in fact be your saving grace!!!

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~


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