A Real Resolution

2015 has officially begun!! I know many are used to hearing “New year, New Me” slogans or even participating in the timeless tradition of making New Years “resolutions.” Needless to say these things are popular at the start of a new year. It gives structure and motivation to some who are desiring to make significant changes in their lives and to help them achieve certain goals. All in all not a bad thing. Nevertheless for most it is just another “feel good” activity only to camouflage the fear of making any REAL change. It hides the lack of discipline to see a resolution through into an actual lifestyle change. That being said I personally have decided to shift my energy elsewhere.

In the year of 2015, if we are indeed going to break free from the past; its limitations, hinderances, personal insecurities and experience REAL change, approval from other people is something you are going to have to live without. There is a saying that “If you live for people’s approval you will die by their rejection.” And this is a harsh reality for many. Their identity is solely wrapped up in the acceptance and approval of others. It’s as if they are sentenced to live within the confines of someone else’s thoughts, opinions and/or personal like or dislike of who they are. Many surrender their desire for change in some area of their lives (or even worst their dream) because it may in fact directly conflict with someone else’s personal opinion.

It is a dangerous thing to have your self-worth relying so heavily on such individuals. You render the power to people who are often not: A. Walking in their purpose or pursing a dream of any kind, B. Setting goals where they are challenged or stretched in any way (ie. they continually choose what is comfortable and safe), and C. Wanting anything more out of life (ie. they have decided this is as far as they are going to go). They secretly have given up somewhere along the way and whether knowingly or not they want you to remain in the same boat with them. But this is where I draw the line……

In the year of 2015 I have NO desire (whatsoever) to follow people around in circles just because they have given up on their dream and/or purpose AND are afraid to take the necessary steps to move forward. I am not interested in making plans or “new years resolutions” of which I have no intension of following through with. And if this is your desire let me warm you some within your relationship circle may not like or approve of your proposed changes. In fact some relationships may suffer or dare I say end due to your choice! The key is to not let the short term pain impede your ability to make effective long term decision.

Now don’t get me wrong relationships are a wonderful thing; a great blessing. However it shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing whatever dream/goals that is within your heart. Within every relationship love and acceptance should be given freely; it should be a two way street. It should never be withheld at the cost of one’s dream or purpose. That is just too high of a price to pay……

In 2015 choose to breakout and break free from anything or anyone that will impede your progress!! I can honestly say one man’s opinion is not enough for me to forfeit my dream…..

This is the year to be more than ever before. Don’t let anything stop that from happening. A new years resolution is nothing without the boldness to walk it out…..

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~


The Search Is On!!

As women we are all on a quest.  Some may deny this truth, but those of us who are discerning know better.  Women deeply desire someone to discover and appreciate their inner beauty; it is a validation we desperately seek (if the truth were to be told).  However the reality is you must identify and admire your own beauty for yourself.  Now ideally this should occur during the formative years leading up to pre-adolescence.  Ergo, so by the time a young girl reaches her teenage years she had a strong foundation able to withstand the assault the media, music and fashion industry wreaks on young female mind.  Unfortunately this does not always occur.

I for one entered my teenage years with no real foundation whatsoever and I paid the price.  I was fed every possible negative thought in my early years.  It shaped who I thought I was and how I saw the world around me.  For many years I thought I had no real beauty.  Being obese for most of my life I never fit what television or the fashion/music industry labelled at beautiful or attractive.  What I saw in the world simply reinforced the ideas I already had regarding beauty and how I didn’t make the cut!  But I am so grateful my journey did not end there.  In fact it was only the beginning!

I went on a digging expedition in search of the “REAL” me!  I fought passed the lies (the one I had been fed ALL my life) and looked beyond the excess weight and searched for my inner beauty (in it’s purest form).  I was on the hunt for all the priceless things God had placed down inside of me and seeing myself in the right light was the key to finding such treasures.  And I must say things are going pretty well in that department!  I have successfully shed a few layers, but it has always been about more that just the weight.  I want to love and appreciate myself just the way I am, and the good new is I FINALLY do!!  I found the confidence to walk in boldness simply by just being me….And it feels GREAT!!

My desire for you is not only that you find your inner beauty, but to also love and appreciate it.  Now this often takes times, yet we all know it is well worth it in the end.  Today I urge you on in your quest!  Don’t let any external medium (a person or the media) rate you or mask your beauty with their labels and never ending critics!  And even if your foundation is rocky it does not have to stay that way.  Take the time, roll up your sleeves, dig down deep!  There is a reason why you were created and are uniquely designed.  You owe it to yourself……

You have beauty, you have worth…You are treasure!!!

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~




Who Made This Standard Anyways?!

I have always found the beauty and fashion industry quite intriguing.  Every external feature critically assessed long with any clothing, accessories, and make-up you decide to wear.  Then an industry expert (or just somebody with an opinion) shares their opinions and place you whatever category they feel suits you best.  Yet I have always wondered are the categories really necessary?  Styles and trends obviously need to be categorized some what with respect to various designers and seasonally based fashion, but when speaking about beauty itemizing and labeling seems rather demeaning and down right cruel.

This blog will look at the idea beauty and the fashion industry and the labels/restrictions they have placed on women.  We will cover everything from size, skin tones, hair style, extensions, clothing, age, etc.  I will be redefining the idea of beauty and all that it implies.  In this blog I will promote health and fitness as well as positive self image.  Also I will be sharing moments from my personal journey ie. weightloss and discovering my style and claiming my true beauty.

There is a saying that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this is true to some degree, however I believe your beauty should not be defined and boxed in by what others feel is beautiful or attractive.  A woman’s beauty is so much more that.  Join me at we discuss these topics and so much more!!

Refining Beauty

~I am fearfully and wonderfully made~